About Us.

Offering the fastest and easiest to use service, you'll love us.

Our team began by selling Dogecoin via Reddit since before the coin was added to Cryptsy in November.
Since then, we've established ourselves as the quickest, most trusted way of quickly purchasing various cryptocurrencies. We believe in open, transparent, and fair business. With scams and losses far too prevalent in the crypto community, our service offers the benefit of risk-free purchasing. We don't store any customer funds or sensitive banking information, so risks of hacking or insolvency are non-issues to our customers.

We are continually improving and expanding our service with new features and coins. All of our coin offerings can be seen here on WeSellCrypto. Keep an eye out as we expand!

You can also find us on Reddit:

Greg - /u/gregcron - Founder David - /u/MIST_ - Co-founder, Lead Developer

We look forward to serving you!

Q: What is WeSellCrypto?

A: WeSellCrypto is your online source for cryptocoins. You can buy anytime, anywhere.

Q: Do I have to pay any fees with WeSellCrypto?

A: Yes, but don't worry. You pay only the final price you see in the checkout process, not a cent more. To get you your coins we pay for exchange fees, payment processing fees, and a fixed percentage fee to cover our profit margins. We take all the risk and include these costs when we give you the final price. We do this to make it as easy as possible to get your cryptocoins.

Q: Can I pay via invoice or another payment method?

A: At the end of checkout, you’ll see all of our supported payment options. The options available during checkout are the only ones currently supported, but we’re always evaluating new options. If you have one to suggest, feel free to reach out.

Q: How does WeSellCrypto Work?

A: You can get your cryptocoins from WeSellCrypto in 3 easy steps.

  1. Click the big 'I'm ready to get my Cryptocoins' button on the Home Page.
  2. Choose your cryptocurrency.
  3. Enter the amount you'd like to purchase. The USD and cryptocurrency value automatically adjust each other so you know exactly what you're getting.
  4. Enter your cryptocurrency address where we'll send your new coins.
  5. Enter your verified email address.
  6. Make sure you're verified for the amount you're purchasing.
  7. Await your new cryptocoins!

Q: I got an email that my payment is being held for review. Why?

A: We have a few checks in place which rarely cause orders to be held for review. These checks make sure everything is secure. We usually resolve these reviews within 24 hours but it can take a little longer on weekends. You'll have your cryptocoins soon.

Q: Can I donate to make WeSellCrypto better?

A: Absolutely, we're always investing in improvements! Any donations would be greatly appreciated - Just send your coins to the donation addresses below:

Bitcoin: 38gZYGBwDG2MKZwQQSU8kT434JDZuczu1R
Dogecoin: 9wNCx46yAs3N5dp3hJSVDjZKCBqJMT6Fct
Litecoin: 35o1xWyoawaPTiPcuL8mGVUqAEBuTuLWkF